Chapter 4 part 6 The Parting THE ETERNAL DISTANCE series

Competed this oil on Saturday. Its 24 by 30 again. This is the seafront of my dear home and hope Brighton UK
Competed this oil on Saturday. Its 24 by 30 again. This is the seafront of my dear home and hope Brighton UK



The train finally pulled into Liverpool. Tom Russell and Jess Withers, old school friends and now re-confirmed soul mates hugged affectionately before Tom left the train.

They had talked about Tom’s work mainly and Jess had been captivated; enthralled and enlivened by the extent of Tom’s incredible insight and ability to grasp seemingly impossible ideas. Strangely Jess found them all very familiar, as if he was already comfortable with the the theories that Tom was researching. Jess couldn’t remember finding anything quite as interesting ever before. He had resisted telling Tom about his most recent experiences, having firmly trained himself to keep events, his dreams, fantasies or other realities secret. He was beginning to recall that over the years a catalogue of strange occurrences and he at last realised that this was why he had spent so much of his young adult life alone.

Tom had been talking about how time is an illusion and that he felt that eventually space and the linear means of traversing it would be shown to be an illusion also.

Jess felt re-assured that he had met someone who may actually listen to him if he had the courage to share his experiences with him. Still best thing was they agreed to meet up. Tom after a short stay in Liverpool was due for a long study period in Glasgow; they would meet up there.

The train finally pulled out of Liverpool on its journey up to Galashiels. The now familiar clickety-clack cam back but now Jess was a lot more engaged and excited about life.

End of Chapter 4

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More intrigues real soon Chapter 5 THEN NOW AND LATER

November 14th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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