Chapter 5 part 1 Together The ETERNAL DISTANCE series

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CHAPTER FIVE/part 1– Together – Dimension

Netty had been working feverishly since she re-ignited Jack into super genius mode; contacting the team and working on a day long conference. The day was being called a “Delvation”; a new term for a new way of working. Not so much an investigation as a response to responding. Ideas would be cast out there and whatever they connected with would be looked at not dismissed as could normally be the case. The team had worked like this before; it was gaining confidence in the power of life itself, rather than feeling that all the answers were the domain of “clever” people. They all knew that the analysis of data and parallel thought were the domain of Jack but that was different, it was his talent.

Before they had any more experiences or “warps”, fourth dimension type events, Jack, Netty and the team needed to explore concepts that at this point in time were distant.

Why were the team having these experiences?

Who were these people that the team or the Eternal Origin Intelligence connecting with?

How can we move forward with confidence?

These were the three questions to be investigated later today. Netty was out already, just after dawn, running with purpose, thinking through the day. She was determined that together with all of her friends she would be ready to match the moment.

In the meantime, since Nettys’ jog of brain power, Jack was preparing and analysing the data from the E.O.I. He thought and kind of realised that he had become trapped in the very mindset that he had identified himself as being the enemy to the understanding of the E.O.I. knowledge; linear time. He put this down to the extensive planning and work regime he had devised, to tackle the inordinate workload he had set himself. He was his own worst enemy, but felt he had the insight to breakthrough with the help of the team and see what was the moment and within that see the path that already exists; the now is everything.

He chuckled to himself as it reminded him of the sort of things he had been told people said in the 1960’s. Jack sat and stared at the image of the E.O.I. and one word suddenly came into his whole being; compassion.

Compassion that was it, the life of the Universe is ultimately compassionate, albeit difficult to grasp at times. Life itself is always on the look out to nurture, grow, develop and sustain. This was the starting point for a huge opening. The team began to arrive; Jack knew he had more to hear from them all before he tried to talk to the knowledge through his friends and their unified connection with it.

November 16th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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