Ch 5 part two The ETERNAL DISTANCE series

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CHAPTER FIVE/part 2– Arrival – Reflection

Jack knew he had more to hear from them all.

Netty was greeting everyone who came in. Blake was first followed by Christine; they immediately grabbed the sofa and Christine started to talk with Blake, comparing notes on their recent experiences. The team including Netty and Jack had heard the experience from Christine already on the conference call. In fact the call was a great medium, as the technology Jack had furnished everyone with was top notch. It felt as near to being actually with everyone that you could get at the time. This meant that a lot of progress had been made in the last few months, consisting of impromptu updates online at a wave of a hand, with no blips or clunky feelings that could generally be the case with conference type media technology.

However advanced the technology was however it wouldn’t replace tactile communication. Geoff arrived and told Netty that he had joined the club; an experience shortly before coming today. They all agreed not to discuss until they started the “Delvation” day. Finally Grant, Beaty and Eloise arrived making the team complete. Netty served up bagels and fresh ground coffee and then the team made there way into the studio.

Jack had used the conference call to ensure that the team were fully updated. Netty presented the team with a short and entertaining introduction to the purpose of the day. First on the agenda was feedback and Geoff told his story. Geoff was older than the rest of the team. He was nearly forty but looked older, maybe because his hair was almost completely white. It was a family thing, the premature loss of hair pigment. He would joke that it was his kids. He had three, all under ten years old, with his wife Emma who in years was a little older, but who looked like his daughter. Geoff had a lot of character carved into his features due to a varied and eventful life. He was a risk taker and had a brilliant motivating charisma. Geoff had been attracted to Jack’s genius early on in his life and been friends with Jack’s uncle Tom who was from the UK originally.

Earlier that very day Geoff was out walking; this was as far as he went to any sort of fitness regime. Mainly he enjoyed the views, colours and atmospheres; in fact he’d been a big influence on Netty and her growing understanding of the power of the environment in relation to the creative impulse. He was striding out next to an old rail track when suddenly a sort of fog enveloped him. In itself it wasn’t unusual, except for the golden hue that shone through. Then Geoff remembered later that everything went quiet, absolutely silent; then he started to see something in the distance. He made haste as he wanted to know what it was. He reached a sort of ridge, stopped and looked. About twenty feet in the distance a young man was sitting, he appeared to have been talking to someone. Geoff then realised that he was looking at the inside of a railway carriage. The only person that moved was the young man; he turned his head and stared straight at Geoff for what seemed an eternity. Then in a flash the fog and the young man was gone.

November 18th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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