CH 5 part three Here then and now The ETERNAL DISTANCE series

Green Park in London on the way to being wowed particularly by Seurat the Bathers !!!!!! made me cry
Green Park in London on the way to being wowed particularly by Seurat the Bathers !!!!!! made me cry


CHAPTER FIVE/part 3– Impatience– Resigned to mission

Gary had left Jess with the housekeeper and the nurse; she and Jess had made a strong relationship over the last few months, strangely she displayed a deep wisdom and sort of understood what was going on, though of course she hadn’t been consulted on the whole story. Gary had been very careful to keep information to a minimum, mainly to protect Jess; he was however gaining confidence in the truth that Jess wasn’t in need of anything now.

It had been a few weeks since the incident where Jess had seen into the future, albeit a few hours. There was something unusual about that event apart from Jess’s premonition and Gary didn’t quite get what it was. There had been an investigation into the event and there seemed to be no logical reason for the fire; it hadn’t started because of a lightning strike. Also some locals who couldn’t resist going to watch the spectacle reported seeing a small boat; some said it was a ghost of an old confederate hero in a kayak. Well, people like a bit of mystery, it spices up there otherwise pretty mundane life style these days. The pioneering days of fighting to keep your land and stuff was long gone. The spirit though, deep down was carved into the locals DNA.

Jess was increasingly like a mischievous twelve year old rather than a mystic traveller these days. Gary took the opportunity to visit Gerald. To be fair the General had kept his distance over the last few weeks and Gary greeted him with a sincere thank you for that.

Gary, it’s great that the kid is OK. We are so busy trying to unpack the enormity of what happened that I haven’t had time to bother you guys in any case. So has there been anything out of the ordinary lately?”

Maybe I am just getting used to Jess; I kept you up to date with the premonition business didn’t I?” Gary thought while Gerald nodded,” Thing is do you think it could be time to do the reconciliation process?”

Gary, if the boy is OK let’s not rush. I know I was hasty before, but to be honest I wasn’t sure Jess was going to make it. The point is we are dealing with timeless time; we know that and we also know it can really interfere with conscious behaviour. Jess is not the average Joe however a bit more time on this data check first I reckon.”

Gary felt the situation needed to move on; after all, in a way he was a part of it and so was his mum and dad. The wormhole logic his parents had worked on played a big factor in the project. Theory was in part becoming fact. However the nature of its development was in keeping with the abstract nature of the goal. Actually what was the goal; yes sure absolutely there had been a shift from a fear and economically driven aspect in the idea factories that had emerged since the early days of the E.O.I. but in a sense the common human response was lagging behind. Gary somehow knew that Jess was the key person in creating a fresh surge forward that was needed now.

November 18th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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