Chapter 5 part 5 Dialogue with the source



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CHAPTER FIVE/part 5– Dialogue with the source

Jack thanked Geoff for his experience,” OK everyone I just want to take the opportunity now to start the ball rolling. We are all concerned about the experiences that are starting to manifest; of course we cannot ignore everyone’s safety in proceeding further at this time. First though I would like to consider a few ideas about what they may indicate.” Christine buoyantly interjected,” Jack, we all know that stuff is going to happen, for example I find it fascinating that I should be in a sea kayak; not everyone has had the experience of being able to handle a kayak at sea as much as me: thing is I knew exactly what to do; well the rest of it I can’t get my head around but anyone else would have definitely been in big trouble.” Jack smiled, “There, you got it in one, I firmly believe that our origin intelligence, or life itself is compassionate. Maybe our ideas of what compassion is could be rated as limited. All sorts of expressions come to mind like being cruel to be kind for instance. What I want to do, if we all agree is to start asking questions collectively. Now as long as we have intention in our questions I believe we will get answers. We need to understand that these may not manifest in a way that is obvious and I expect a few curved balls. Truth at this level is not going to be easier for our ‘reality’ dominated analytical minds to embrace. What do you think?”

Everyone agreed to proceed. The team members knew now to expect something; forewarned is forearmed and the they were all close and had learnt to support each other. “OK, let’s plug in and go to the source.” Everyone took their places at the control table; jack sparked up the big screen that was already on show. Netty took a place in the middle of the team and kept a keen eye on everyone, checking that everyone was ready. Jack had rigged up a streaming camera that could be seen in the corner of the screen. The image glowed and the six points shimmered like stars in the undulating gas like iridescent and beautiful spectacle before them.

Jack said and asked for all into the screen, “What is the people we are seeing and why?” Immediately a small glowing sun-like ball, growing in size and intensity emerged from the gasses. The light overpowered the daylight that filled the room, but not its brightness, more its luminescence; a glowing violet g, generous pulsing living treasure. This went on for what seemed an age, in linear terms probably two or three minutes. Then it faded and everyone naturally took off their bracelets and sat silently at first unable to say anything.

November 22th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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