Daily Poem – Freak Level

Freak Level


Reckless gabbling, creeps into gathering.

Screaming obtuse angles; present, smooth lined, pressed collars.

For treatment of oil damage: free the things

That solve the mildew problem in the corner of the landing

Park bench sitting; it’s higher to maintain.

Pleased to cut and ask for proper reading

A damp course, irrigated with magnolia petals

Prune the desperate plant, a root ball bulge

Grown on the branch of grafters.

Sewn to a party dress, for exceptional leaders

Pent up grievance, not heard until the dog is called

Walking in weeded wellies

Green in and out for parliament

For the commons; deputy the sheriff shot

Trunk is full of memories

A Toy Story click

Deep down



November 25th

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2014

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