Chapter 6 part 2 – Growing


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CHAPTER six/part 2– A Growing

The team returned to the rest room; Jack and Netty’s sitting room. There was a space in the atmosphere that felt like extra time had been put into every second; not slowed down exactly just deeper somehow. Everyone was aware that a door had opened: would it stay open, was it meant to be open; all these questions gently, without anxiety fluttered like beautiful butterflies in the corner of every ones mind.

Jack, I felt like part of something somewhere else: Like I was sharing the vision, the thought, the feeling, the time, the mood with all you guys and someone else not here, but here.” Brandons’ green and brown eyes shone as if backlit by a blue sapphire.

OK, let’s hold that thought and have a look at it; replay I mean. My intuition is telling me we need a break. All our minds are exercising areas that are not usually active. It’s not that they are dormant exactly. Sorry Brandon; you know what! I felt the same as you and I wasn’t plugged in. There will be a time soon where bracelets and all this ancient technology will be completely superfluous. In fact it is helping us grasp things maybe at a pace that we can measure. I somehow again feel protected in a sense.” Jack stared out through the wall and window to consider what he had said.

There is someone who wants us to be part of some kind of transfer Jack. Why do I know that? I just do!” Blake was shimmering and animated and the team immediately knew exactly what he meant. Christine responded,” A boy was on the sea shore, a promenade the same boy I saw before but much younger; a toddler. A huge wave crashed over him and he should have been washed away, but he just stood there, in exactly the same place he was before the wave hit him. I saw that that just now” Chris’s voice sounded deep and guttural; unlike her normal speaking voice. Everyone just stopped and looked at her.

November 30th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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