Daily Poem – Shell

2014-12-02 12.21.44

Round, turning, dotting, dipping in shallow ancient, shaping sea show

Smiling curious deep beauty crashing welcome,

Perfecting, twisting a slight inflection a shadow direction

A mysterious interaction, a child treated exception.

Partly dreaming, tired of scheming

Warmed heart collection, a joyous resurrection.


Gentle thrum of chirrupping whispers, the shore encrusted

Flustered whistling and grasses swinging in the wind.

Mastering a fraction a point of distraction, a master of pleasing, a calm cool outlook

A beat tree spreading, intuitive breathing

Make out, rivers are high

Half moon expectant future

A loving triple treasure moment.


Dreams of more serenity, calm from complexity

A new venture waves for eternity

Together, fall to earth certainty.

Love for hugged earth embracing,

Hold to joy spilled gravity

Land lost, grilled burden, chilled version of passivity

No step forward, with tall story moment

Vacuous propensity, a vast vilified intensity.


Oh small shell perfection, brought back to desire

Found down deep in laws

Of life and reason

A repeat again

A repeat but not an end.


December 2nd

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2014

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