Daily Poem – Slung Cut – a late starter at ten

Slung n Cut


Slung out uncut not holes for square try angles

Dick potatoes conundrums piercing doors, closets, shoe cupboard spaces,

Turgid rancour planning a magenta revenge, an orange ascent

Poles apart pushing filings to flick eyes winking

Cracked in volcano pressure

Scalding in hot coal praise

Vacuous and practical add prodigal

————————–blink an eye

————————–wink a meadow

————————–slide a playground

————————–bank a note

———————–Jump—a –starter

……………………….Car a race horn

Lipstream a flow of givers

talking in blusters

Pick a whisky rippled mugger

Slips a trusted tune to a mother’s brother


December 6th

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2014

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