Shown this picture before but amazing how painting is helping to inform the development of the story
Shown this picture before but amazing how painting is helping to inform the development of the story

note :    Sorry for the hold up the story got stuck in an eternal distant place

CHAPTER six/part 3– Wave

The family had gone on a trip to Brighton. The older kids had their own families now and so the two youngsters and Mum and Dad were having a day out. As always the weather was changeable; for the fun of it they had gone on the bus. Mum and Dad already had three grown up kids and were getting a bit old for all this, but it was half-term, and Dad had a week off. Dad carried the ruck-sack with a bundle of sandwiches and wet gear. This wasn’t a summers’ day, but very dramatic, a big storm at sea, so the little ones were quite excited. The plan was, get off the bus and walk along to Palace Pier,: then have fish and chips and even a sugar coated doughnut. It was great fun watching the chain go through the cooking oil, then the hot doughnut getting dipped in the sugar. They all loved watching and it was a chance for Mum and Dad to feel like kids again.

So they got off the bus. It wasn’t busy because the weather was rough. Gabby loved the crashing waves and Jess, who was only about two, was tearing about as fast as his little nappy hampered legs could carry him. Jess was just at the age where you stop counting the months. The promenade was perfect as it was nice and wide; so Mum and Dad, already seasoned parents, strolled along enjoying the spectacle occasionally keeping an eye on the kids.

All of the sudden; it sort of went quiet. Jess dressed in a gold and red body suit stood still: a huge wave, twice the size of any other seemed to block out the light. Mum and Dad watched in horror as the huge black shadow loomed on top of Jess.

Gabby, who was with Mum and Dad saw someone appear next to Jess; a really beautiful young woman. Then the wave crashed to the ground; the woman disappeared with the wave but Jess was still there holding his arms out. Mum sprinted and picked him up and ran in a shelter against a wall and cried and cried.

Later Gabby told Mum and Dad what she saw; they were cross with her and said she was trying to get all the attention. Gabby had never told Jess this story.

December 4th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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