Poem of the day

2014-12-08 12.16.35

Jumble Guns

Hang wagged possession, necessary collection

Barned up door access stopped hanging.

Whizzed hard on shoulder star.

Pantry while window whispers, bulging mixtures,

Bearded Misters, mystery gifters.

Laughed at ball breaking, stained arse training

A bucks billowing trauma, picked in a rank.

A taxi queue waiting: fall in front fantastic

Triple landed, blind filled, mark matching on stairs for landing.


Twelve a dozen dealt in numbers

Blessed in barking blunders

Mistakes the laundry basket

For worn in rumbling disasters

Lost loved one found in trembling typhoon glory

Picked on for four way vision

Clear to hear, must be thick skinned warden,

prejudice drilled in by Texan magnate.

Glorious eloquence in building Knight chained protection

Fought with fire and a mixed correction

brake pressed, stopping advancing.

Treat party dress to torn up ironing

Pressed and stuck on valiant fireman

Beast built army to face factory exclusion

Dice with breath

Flee with respect

Pass time in clock space




December 8th

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2014

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