Poem of the day – Steep Drift

Steep Drift

Triplet ribbed steam cart rumbles bluntly onwards

Clatter, batter shimmering in the part sun cloud splitting,

Carrying nostalgia as liquid arms and legs, ripped from explosions

As flower painted sharply against the claim of natures beauty

Stars burst inwards to cream a path towards creation

All dream that birth continues and death is no more a question

Embrace the demise as a point of renewal

Indicate to all, that life is death as well

Moving together, hand in hand in the universal dynamic reality.

A slope of cramped conscious responsibility

A paddle ship with oars and claims of pictures

Of yellows and blues, blinding pristine practising determination

A call to reveal a broad shoulder

Hold the hands

Calm the shores

Fear is not


December 10th

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2014

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