The ETERNAL DISTANCE CH6 part 4 – Seeing small stuff

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CHAPTER six/part 4– Seeing small stuff

Greg and Marie Russell were originally from the U.S.A., but had lived and studied in the UK. They were both scientists and were particularly interested in quantum physics. There were these tiny places where unexplained things happened; that’s what Tom picked up anyway. He was fascinated as he grew up, listening to his parents talking of time travelling and that one day it could be possible to pass through space and time covering incredible distances. He secretly looked at the work his parents were doing and started thinking hard about collecting these small things and constructing a big thing and go off into the universe. Very simple idea driven by a huge internal ambition that he kept to himself.

The family went back to the States and no-one was surprised that Tom Russell excelled at science; as his parents had become world leaders in their field of research. Greg and Marie had a laboratory at home and had no issues with sharing their understanding of the possibilities of particles passing through existence in a non linear fashion. Tom studied hard and was able to mix with many of the prominent scientists of the time.

Dad, what if we collect some of these time particles together somehow, could we do it?” curious college student Tome probed.

It’s a big ask and the problem is, as Einstein surmounted these wormholes in space at any rate are unstable. So how do we make a stable situation; that will involve many years further experimentation, which is great for me and your mum at the moment. We only know the theory, but I think we can find and see these phenomenon real soon. I think we need to develop a whole new stream of thought to deal with the complexity involved.”

His father put his arm around Tom’s shoulder and led him to the corner of the studio and opened a small door into a dark sealed room. “We have made a lot of progress since you’ve been in college the last couple of months though. We have been collaborating with this amazing guy from Switzerland. He looks at the universe inwardly and has developed a fantastic magnifying system. He uses a quantum computer and measures wave functions; we have set up a system that means we may detect wormhole activity on a quantum level.”

So it’s like looking at the microcosm of the universe,” Tom concluded. So they went into the room and Greg switched on the monitor. It was stunning like a sort of galaxy but of course a little ill defined, but Tom felt something; something calling him deep in his life.

December 6th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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