Poem of the day – Whipped condition

Whipped condition

Spinned, on meshed, coat hanger style wire

While dripping with speed of twisting.

Lapped up by pedigree cats and licked into the edge of seemless china;

Fill up cracks on smooth prepared surfaces.

Gentle disgust and dripping corners lapped in stripping positions.

Carved into chair pressed cushion,

With hair deposited condition.

Malting, for the heating in winter falsifies falseness.

Tricks the bidding to hide under the covers

Afraid to meddle with marked paper packing

Bubble rapped popping genius

Air in then out crack in celebration.

Core message to blend with a dysfunctional mass

Buying, to give up a sense of responsibility; for a moment

Pressured to produce weapons of mass instruction

Filed a complaint to clever tricksters

Who know how to hide their lizard nature

Slime under cover agents a reasonable paypacket for criminals

Vulnerable attacked; they can’t fight back

But they can

And will

December 11th

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2014

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