The ETERNAL DISTANCE series – Chapter 6 part 5 Shared

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CHAPTER six/part 5– Shared

Eloise stood up in Jack and Netty’s sitting room after Christines experience: she had a PHD in astro physics and her research had led her to meeting Jack. It was this point again for her, around time being in the moment and that there is a way to access all that is related to it; the past present and even future.

Jack the origin is trying to show us a gateway; I believe like you said it is compassion. We are seeing that life is in fact life and death, an emerging and a departing. I think we are being pointed to an event, a happening that we and many others are involved with.”

Elle, we must keep our nerve, this is all part of the whole story. Let’s press on and have a watch, if that is what we need to do and use our training to unpack what has just occurred. All of us have a part to play in a learning; a new understanding.” Jack felt excitement and I guess it was pretty scary as well. “OK let’s go and see what we can find out.” Jack looked at Netty who casually commented to everyone,” That probably means the order of the day is going to change.”

They retook their places at the console. The big screen gradually illuminated. This time the daylight was shut out as some discreet blinds quietly glided into position.

Without having to say anything the team all felt an engagement, without any switches or bracelets or instructions; including Jack and Netty. Jack thought of the island, the wave, then the screen brightened at the same time.

The whole team became immersed in their own journeys and visions even Netty. They couldn’t communicate with each other but none of them were frightened. The image was no longer on the screen but filled the whole room.

Suddenly Jack and Netty came back; they held hands in wonder as they both instinctively became concerned for their friends. The image in the room gentle folded back into the screen and gradually everyone returned to the space. They immediately held each others hands tightly. It was like a reassurance that they actually were where they were. The reason for this event would not become clear until they could share their experiences so far.

Thank you for reading so far. This is the end of Chapter 6. I will continue with Chapter 7 shortly. I need to do those things that anyone who has written a story this long might know. Get a time line and relationships sorted in my mind or better still on paper. This is my first shot at a book so thank you for the support.

December 8th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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