Poem of yesterday – Crafted Aspect

OOPS been having techy do da but sorted now

This is yesterdays

Crafted Aspect

Pick a broom, sweep leaf garden maker

Rake a smile in time for mischief, mischief taker

Happy in the aisle, a breast busting belief system

Children bursting parasite wisdom

Normally abhorrent sapping beasts a glory of creation

A stammering emotional plethora of masked madness

Must grow up and be part of an organised boxed community

Flown away to misery, slammed on a sledge to cracked heart divinity

Feed to the mammals all furry and hungry

Cardboard chewing in mouth; tears shed and screaming

Tread on shells of eggs to avoid conflict

The war is in the heart

An army

A family


In later

December 12th

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2014

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