Poem of the day – Gripped in Safely

2014-12-14 09.58.57 (2)

Gripped in Safely

Cradled in soft, permeated with beauty; washed in impermanence

Decide the wish to portend a collective inclusion

No more wild extortion, fanatic maligning; strings of separation

Electric connection; power for flowers

Contrite and book ended life in shelter

Spread amongst others; troubled out of comfort; real life dynamite

A smash between in and out breathing

A clattering smacked back alligator swimming

Chomping at birthday brick meat offerings

Fought for by an ancient radical complication

The feather is light to float, to quill a note, to hang a bird in the sky

Grass green after rain dripping cleansing

Smarting the daylight fresh eyes opening

An opening to truth

December 14th

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2014

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