Poem of the day – Encounter


Falling, drifting mixed in clean spread tiles

Rising falling, flashing bouncing

Reading between the lines

Gaps, games spurious dreams

Cynical, angry bored not generous

Fall words, mysterious clouds uncovered, broken

Bled into the four west winds

Blowing chilled, practical wrangling, rolling switches

Juggling wedged biscuits

To sweeten the tone; grilled to the bone

Rays shining, growing pretence and hope training

Blue, mauve flashing, twinkling, reminding, extending.

Engaging pretending

Descending to twirl a mystery of a journey

Unconsciously  observing

Finding trinkets, treasure lost reading revenue

Placed in shambled arch;

Stable broken horse meets garden gnome reality

Trotting decoratively

Immersed in cool clear liquid

Making trenches uncover mind covered leeches

Grieving lost soul archetypes

Placed in abnormal caskets

Sorted into halo shaped tenderness

Scraped from some green caked bins

Hard to chisel

Best so soak in tinned prison

Slithering milk coloured jailers

Slamming doors in rage

Broken hearted




December 14th

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2014

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