Poem of the day — Trespass motion

I am about to undertake another painting. I am trying a sea landscape this time. I find writing a poem helps me come to terms with myself at the moment

Trespass motion

Pack, unpack resolving imploding

Colours taints drifting dreams

Winds and feathers whistling in the sailing rivers of meaning

Caught in armies of aching treason

Rising impasse to traverse, to cover

Then exort a tendril of measure

A moment of time captured to witness

All grievance with object opening

No gap between it and each other

Involved in speculation

Condensed in seeming judgement

Allow all angles to rest on the eye

Incorporate into one’s dream world

At one with the daily duldrums

A sea swelled undercurrent wave high

Crash on the headland to return down under

Life passed on to another dimension

Lights’ wonder.

December 18th

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2014


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