The Eternal Distance – Chapter 7 part one

Outside our kitchen window 18   12   2014
Outside our kitchen window 18 12 2014

After a long deliberation on timelines and relationships I am ready to continue. Thanks to this medium as it really helps get a lot of thinking done around structure and plans.

CHAPTER Seven/part 1– Past vision

Tom Russell could not stay away from his parents’ laboratory any-more. His life drew him to it like gravity. He would study as much as possible and knew that it was time for a breakthrough, an event; he felt this in his life pretty well most of the time and couldn’t really figure out why he should. He had great parents, a promising career ahead of him, plenty of really interesting friends, but for some reason he knew he had a greater purpose in life and the situation was urgent. What situation? The only place he felt any sort of idea of an answer was in that room; the room his dad had shown him, where he had seen the beginnings of incredible research.

He would often go into that room for a sense of grounding, re assurance; then would go back to this hamster wheel in the brain type feeling. Then one day Tom’s life changed forever: it would be many years before he would realise it though. Sometime in the afternoon, one day after he had attended a lecture he went to the room and opened the door. The monitor was permanently on a bit like a life support system it felt to him. Inside was locked some mystery that was still reluctant to show itself. This time there was something different; subtle but Tom knew the difference straight away. It was a bit like all the detail in the monitor image; the galactic style nano universe had been carefully polished. The image had been upgraded it seemed. Tom knew that the only regular visitors was him and his parents, with the occasional visit from various associates.

The room changed as he looked puzzled at the beautiful image. Tom felt like he was being pulled apart; gently the glue that held the particles in his being was being released. There was no pain; he was suddenly watching himself in the room; then he at an incredible speed was sucked out of the room; each tiny part of him was being propelled. He felt no resistance, no fear, but he felt nevertheless: a consciousness but not one that anyone would be able to describe.

A period passed; Tom couldn’t call it time because it wasn’t but then he stopped and it was like all the millions of tiny bits of him caught up and stopped and he was looking. Looking into a room, a bedroom. His attention was immediately drawn to a bunk bed, with a little boy tucked up in it. He then quite unintentionally, as if the voice was coming through him, not driven by him said, “Don’t be afraid Jess.” Tom notice that the sound of the voice to him was nothing like his own voice. The little boy said he was not afraid then Toms’ voice continued,

I’ve come to see if you’re calm and happy.” Again the boy said he was and had been with his Dad all day, “I know,” Toms singing voice said, “I just need to tell you something, there’s no need to remember what I say because you will deep down anyway.” The boy asked “Can I see you?” Tom’s voice gently replied “Not today, I am talking to you from a long way and into your mind. Jess, stay calm there is really no reason for you to be afraid, you are an eternal being.”

Tom had no time to figure out what was going on; not chance to realise that he knew a Jess because the same process happened he separated and was sort of sucked back into himself in front of the monitor. Everything looked back to normal. Tom had a sort of recollection of what had happened for a nano second. Something had changed in him deep down and understanding that was going to propel him into action from that moment on; although he was never to remember anything of what had happened.

December 8th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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