Poem of the Day — Plastic Abstraction


Plastic Abstraction

Twinkly bits of puce green mint licking electric risking sticks

All for the price of a paltry second hand muck spreading spike retainer

Chipped away ice crashing, crackling on the oil stained linoleum

Humming oven steamed glass, whisking cream for cranberry pie pudding

Roast a potato, for feet warming fire-side viewing

Coarse clichés rumbling through the congested built up societal conscious bank

Rippling muscles beach surfing boys laid to rest as the gymnasium decorates the drinks machine

Fender polished limousines, parked for chauffeurs drink of the year design awards

Deer raining in popularity charts and nosed readily on painted picture poster cards

Hanging from strings of opulence, whilst gremlins pick out notes from window box

Water falls lumpishly in puffy, fluffed up romantic puppet shows

Drift to the side of the road

Wait for the breaking sun to return to the river of maintenance

Whole people flop onto sofa, exhausted and broken for the breaking vacation

Happy new tears

December 20th

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2014


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