Daily Poem – Cardboard Flutter

Cardboard flutter


Break up the series of floating factions, on a sea of unsolved puzzles.

Crisp crackling sweeties chomped by brazen flocks of masterful responses

Answers to frozen reptile remains, re-discovered in glacier covered mountain valleys

Trillions of debts, held by the richest nations

Rations for the starving running out; lives falling like autumn leaves

Mulched into the fertile gravel laid driveway; set in traumatic terror

Bilge pump whistle, the time to switch and lever the crumbled ruin of a meeting

Spread clutched mixtures of candy covered expensive jewelry on silk woven bed clothes

Lovers crush almond flavoured biscuits and crumble on yoghurt flavoured desert

A desert of sand; driven to the watering hole

A respite from the healing richness of climbing frame danger

Swing the hammock to sleeping time


A while

Brink from the edge of the glass precipice

December 21st

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2014


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