The ETERNAL DISTANCE – Ch 7 Pt 3 Love at first sight

A seascape I am working on more detail to go yet its an oil on A2 sized canvas
A seascape I am working on more detail to go yet its an oil on A2 sized canvas

CHAPTER Seven/part 3– Love at first sight

The University of California was a hotbed of exploration and creation of ideas for scientific research. A mixture of global based researchers had passed through the campus over the years and either decided to stay in the U.S.A. or take positions around the world in other leading research activities. As the world, in a sense became smaller; with the advent of faster means of communication, information and advanced understanding accelerated.

Greg and Marie Russell met at the University and there line of work took them to London where they stayed for fifteen years. They had many friends in California and continued to work with them through their lives even while they were in the UK. At the University it was common for groups of excited young students to talk of their ideas until late in the night, and these bonds of friendship often became life-long.

Now Tom was in the same place, following in his mum and dads’ footsteps; he didn’t stay in the UK for long though; long enough to do the research he needed to do. Interesting ideas came out like the notion of collective thought being tapped somehow; without realising it the whole experience of travelling, the way he had experienced in his parents laboratory, had accelerated his thought processes. He had a confidence in his ideas and they were quickly re-enforced with evidence; concrete results at every junction of his extraordinary academic journey.

When he returned to the U.S.A he started to set up idea factories. These were financed by all sorts of business and marketing entrepreneurs. It was a network evolved to progress different ideas and ways of formulating systems. These factories were never tied down to any particular business or organisation.

At the same time Tom became a senior lecturer at the University of California. It was during this time that he met Jane. Jane was doing advanced studies in astro-particle physics; one of Toms’ specialities. What amazed Tom about her was firstly she was beautiful; he loved her broad North of England accent and particularly her courage. She had won a scholarship in the UK and at the same time had a young boy called Gary. Jane was living with a relative who was in the military called Gerald; an up and coming man who was actually involved in space military investigations at NASA. Apparently Gerald and his wife were somehow connected to Janes parents. Without their support there was no way that Jane could have been in California. Jane made very sure that she spent plenty of time with her son Gary who was already a fine young lad.

Tom decided pretty well as soon as he met Jane that he would be the man that would support her from now on. He had no doubt in his mind that Jane would be his wife one day.

December 21st

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