Daily poem – Pleased to kiss the waves

Taken on Brighton Seafront at 1000  by me
Taken on Brighton Seafront at 1000 by me

Pleased to kiss the waves


Salt sea thrashed, thrust splattering, climbing lustily up the rampart

Drifting eddy of white whisked cream sucks stones like licking cream from a chapel cork statue

The conjured projection challenging a relentless current of events

Releasing the unconquerable power; a desire to surrender

To leap in favour of the salt taste forever

No more grief and disappointment to challenge

To fly high in state sublime, tipped over crying

Released as a lark in view of the seasons growing

The children smile red cheeked and dancing excitement

Remember the possibility and opportunity

Walk away, imprison doubt, cast to the wind a prism, of tarnished apprehension

Flight of west facing treasure, sprinkled on wrecked place in distant hollow

A poor veil for qualities pleasant

A peacock blue jangled gown

Is opening

Is believing


December 24th

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2014


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