The ETERNAL DISTANCE — CH7 pt 5 The rescue

CHAPTER Seven/part 5– The Rescue

Gary lost Jess as soon as they got off the bus at the Stadium Coach Park. He wasn’t worried to begin with. Jess, well at times he felt as though he was the younger brother; Jess was the leader of the pack, so he’d be fine. However all the support team were angry that the lads hadn’t stuck to the protocol on arrival.

When Gary got off the coach he noticed the sound of helicopters. Now this normally wouldn’t be a problem as they most likely were filming the event for the news or something. When he looked up though he noticed that there was one big twin bladed Chinook type and also a smaller one with camouflage colouring.

Then the pandemonium began; Gary started to make haste towards the scene when suddenly a hand firmly grabbed his arm: it was the General, Gerald who happened to be his mothers’ cousin. Gerald quietly said in Gary’s’ ear “Come with me; I can’t explain yet but there is going to be an accident.”

The security staff that cleared the turnstile were actually highly trained U.S. Marines. They got to the pile of bodies as quick as a flash. Jess was the only fatality. Nobody noticed as they expertly slipped his young still body into a black bag. A team had been up to the security team and disarmed any cameras that might record what was going on. The black bag was discreetly rushed into the waiting helicopter and the bag was placed into a cannister with freezing nitrogen gas in it; the helicopter took off immediately.

Gary and Gerald meanwhile embarked onto a smaller machine which took off straight afterwards. The disguised Marines smoothed over the scene on the ground by informing the teams support staff that Jess had head injuries so had been airlifted to a local hospital and that his brother Gary had gone with him. They praised the swift action of the security staff and felt that both Gary and Jess would want the team to carry on with their day.

Gerald said, “Look, I’m really sorry Gary but for the moment your brother is dead. However we have reason to believe that today something extraordinary is going to happen. I can say no more than that and that is because I really have no idea what it is but please trust me.”

Gary for the time being could say nothing, he just stared at Gerald and wondered if he was going to wake up and it was all a dream.

December 27th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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