The ETERNAL DISTANCE — CH7 part 6 Tom and Jane

CHAPTER Seven/part 6– Tom and Jane

Tom Russell’s IDEA FACTORY really took off. What it enabled was a whole range of activity, systems and processing between a varied range of cultural and logical learning. Quite rapidly a global network developed. What was fantastic about the concept was that business came to finance science on a world-wide scale. Tom had to stop lecturing at the University as research connected to the I F network became so intense. Huge questions about time and space were being analysed with a greater focus than ever seen previously.

When Jane finished her studies, she started working with Tom. She accepted a proposal of marriage from Tom. Out of courtesy and on his part certainly curiosity, Tom went to see the General, Gerald who was Jane’s benefactor. It turned out that Gerald worked for NASA but in co-ordination with National Defence. Gerald laughed off to Tom that he was on the look out for UFOs. Tom and Gerald got on well from the start and the idea factory began to work hand in hand with NASA’s research teams from then on.

Tom and Jane married and about a year later had a child together. However the whole experience was another awakening; Jane had become a regular visitor to Greg and Marie’s laboratory. Tom was still strongly attracted to that small room. The technical equipment was advancing rapidly, thanks to work by the I.F. team. Jane was blown away by the beautiful imagery of the inner universe, the quantum reality.

Tom and Jane had just got married and before they went on a brief honeymoon to Hawaii, they paid a visit to Greg and Marie. They all went into the monitor room. All four of them noticed a change but couldn’t vocalise anything, suddenly a ball of orange light enveloped the room. Jane held Tom tight: they both felt like they were falling apart particle by particle, piece by piece. Then they felt sucked down a tunnel. There was no feeling of time. Then they stood or appeared to be standing in a globe, a golden sphere.

There was a sensation of sound and vibration through their particles; the sound grew in intensity like a swarm of locusts; wings beating louder and louder. They were not experiencing any of this in what might be described as an ordinary way. The intensity of the information streaming into their broken, separated selves became extreme then – FLASH – they were back in the small room next to Toms Mum and Dad. The glow dimmed and disappeared. Greg and Marie were holding each other tight: on this occasion it had appeared to them that Tom and Jane had not moved.

Marie, we have just seen our first wormhole.” Greg uttered in amazement. Deep down Tom and Jane had experienced much more. They continued to hold each other pretty well all the way to Hawaii, which didn’t surprise anyone as they had just got married. Jess was born ten months later.

December 28th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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