The ETERNAL DISTANCE — Ch 7 pt 7 The train

Saltdean cliffs my last oil of 2014 on A2 canvas thank you
Saltdean cliffs my last oil of 2014 on A2 canvas thank you

CHAPTER Seven/part 7– The Train

Clickety-Clack, Clickety-Clack, Jess looked out the train window. It had been such a long journey. Since Liverpool and seeing his old friend Tom, Jess had been in a dream; he had been prepared for what he didn’t know consciously. He felt deep calm and turmoil almost in a synchronised rhythm.

The wind continued to rock the carriage and rain smashed against the window. It was hail; heavy lumps of ice, so hard it seemed as if they would smash through the glass. For a while Jess even lost sense of the clickety-clack that he had grown so accustomed to.

Garrett had all but forgotten the café and the three characters at the door. He’d forgotten because it was part of a separate reality. It had happened but his brain pushed it away; as if it was a dream. He was coming up to a tricky part of his journey. It was a small intense forested area; a twisty road that went under the Smardale viaduct, which carried the Settle to Carlisle railway line. It was hailing like golf balls, so hard he thought they may break through his cab window. He was about two hundred metres from the viaduct when suddenly all the electrics in his cab switched off. He tried his power assisted steering; nothing. He looked in his mirror and a woman looked straight into his eyes. Everything went absolutely quiet: he knew this woman. Time seemed to come to a halt as if a brake had been applied. The woman came from the mirror and lifted him through the solid cab roof. Then as he was laid carefully on the side of the road by the trees, he watched his two trailer lorry career into a pillar of the viaduct at incredible speed; then in slow motion he watched the railway line crash to the ground.

Garret woke up in his mind almost immediately. His ex wife Cheryl; beautiful Cheryl was by his bedside holding his hand.

This is an emergency. Please listen careful to the instructions. Crouch your head between your knees and place your hands on top of your head and push your head into the seat in front of you, we are about to come of the railway line!”

Jess obeyed the instructions. There was no one in his carriage. He was in the back of the train. Everything went black. Jess felt himself separate from his young adult body. He wasn’t scared and he could hear the voice; the voice that had spoken to him all his short life.

December 31st

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2014

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