Daily Poem — Keeper on Demand

Keeper on Demand


A butterfly wing strokes the Angels existence

A flight of fancy, a life without complex

Mess up the torn letter; beacon of distress a reason

To near the nerve to avoid a sensation

Evasion no escape for a senseless detention

Ordinary saplings torn away from their roots, then slammed behind metal shutters

Needless violence, sent back to be murdered

We are a common people, we need a common dignity and freedom

Its should be everyone’s mission

A belief in freedom

So far we live in ignorance and dance a deathly denial

Me too, a poor example

Fed on poor relation

With an arm to shoulder responsibility

Not run in fear of culpability

Stand together with the next man and woman

Stay strong

Viva dramatically



January 2nd 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015


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