Poem of the day – – Burnt on Delivery

Burnt on delivery


Slapped on the doorstep

Especially prized from bored greeting

Batted in printed collision; a smart response to desperate living

Seeing subtly beaten questions, squashed from a thin crust broken truck load

A beef with the driver; a slip shot monkey nut teaser

Breathing coffee stained disgust; craving custard cake twister

A schemer, dreamer a parked car tyre clamp giver

No tax evaders partly driven

Lets buy trident powder to rinse out the commons

A bunch of spineless minted crustaceans

Bully boy tactics to starve the vulnerable rectum

Burnt in fire whipped precision

Will do the boy good to have a detention

A dentist drill, slow and thumping; sounds like hammer, blood drips and thickens

Quick dry cement takes the time from sun setting

Land in a bucket deposit in crushed diamond terror

A sharp minded glass cutting apple sticker

Squashed cider drinker with red nose a glowing

Widens the carpet of flowers whilst dancing

A pretty messy business

Waste material crushed in cushions

Use for peppered chair lift to the top of an egg mountain

A flip for a cocktail umbrella

Drink it in unision


January 3rd 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015


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