Poem of the Day — Green Diamond

Green Diamond


Gemini stripped resonance called slender lips, lank hair grown desperation

Falling winged usurper, a dreamer of trips and traps

A separation calling stars in promises

Dripping in moments

Partly shaven trial of broken maiden

A kind man’s favour, tinting the blighted tipster.

Spoon fed pepper pot fashion

Swanky clapped out rattled mansion

A border wall broken in political jargon

Pattern pecked motif creased in potted teeth

Mouthing explanation; charging striped lights

Clamouring, burning wires, barbed to mystify jurisdiction

Hung on to master time bent discussions

Dark brow shadow, menacing whisper

Truncated glamour, death dancer

Lake rippled, blue blaster explosion

Tinker with which way practitioner

A gloomy gripped desperado

Man cupped, levelled and driven

Smart popping coats, curtains for lovers.

Smothering breaks in thinking

Talk down disturbance

More blood than water

Crest fallen escort


Given to closing


January 6th 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015


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