The ETERNAL DISTANCE — CH8 part 1 The Team

CHAPTER 8/part 1– The Team

The team left the studio into the lounge area; back into some sort of reality. There was an element of doubt, a bit like when you’ve watched a really top drawer movie and you come out of the cinema feeling the world is still the film. However everyone remained calm and as the conversation began to unfold a thread of understanding emerged that linked them all.

OK well let’s share our experiences. Following intuitive recognition I hope you will agree that we have a task; an event to be part of. My take on the approach so far concurs with the way we have developed everything so far. What I mean is let’s trust and what we do, or are directed to carry out is the right thing, even if it seems totally contrary to our logic.” Jack was enquiring really, but felt that he was part of a jigsaw that inevitably all fitted together. The problem with being a piece is that you may not actually have the faintest idea what the picture is. Also who is putting the segments in place.

Jack, I think this relates to wormhole technology, or what it could be; if it was possible to stabilise certain aspects of it. In other words we are being transported somewhere and intervening in something aren’t we. My reaction or deep feelings are informing my conscious self, that we really must do this for the sake of a much greater thing than we understand yet. An analogy of the jig-saw is perfect.” Eloise gazed at Jack who felt her probing his thought; her passionate dialogue was directed to everyone in the room.

So, I went to the edge of a globe, a golden globe. I was there as if…. just to allow me to connect with what was happening”, Jack explained, “I felt that it was the Eternal Origin Intelligence and I sort of was part of it. Then I saw images, that were about a life. I couldn’t know or identify anything that I can remember apart from a feeling of something passing and emerging all at the same time. However it was troubled, I wanted to cuddle the vision or re assure it somehow; maybe assist. Compassion welled up like I have never experienced before — how can I describe it was a sense of life itself and how it actually exists; a movement of energy from one state to another- not governed by time any more all there at the same time: actually true beauty and eternal.”

Netty looked at everyone it was a shared experience no one really needed to say any more at this point.

Christine after a few minutes of silence quietly rose from the sofa and seemed to hover into the studio; the team serenely followed and took there places ready to attend to a moment in time that would be the start of a new history; even if this may take a long time to understand.

January 4th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2015

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