The ETERNAL DISTANCE — CH8 part 2 Helicopter Ride

Trying greens Oil paint on canvas A2 size somewhere near Brighton UK
Trying greens Oil paint on canvas A2 size somewhere near Brighton UK

CHAPTER 8/part 2– The Helicopter ride

OK Gary; now is the time for you to understand more of what is happening.” The noise was overpowering, so Gerald handed Gary a set of headphones with a microphone attached. They carried on the rest of the conversation in private. “Please listen carefully there’s limited time”, Gerald got close to Gary and focussed all of his intention on him.

When your mother Jane disappeared, and yes I mean disappeared Gary; NASA worked with your grandparents Greg and Marie Russell and moved all the equipment in their laboratory to a secret underground facility. That’s where we are heading to now.” Gary was taken aback as he had thought his grandparents were in CERN, Switzerland. They had always been stand offish with him; it was a real problem because he had constantly wondered what he had done. He thought maybe it was their cultural background or something: maybe they resented the fact that their son had married someone who already had a child. It didn’t make sense to him as they were involved in such ground breaking work. Anyhow, what about him; he had never met his dad. Apparently he was conceived after a party when Jane was at University in the UK.

Gerald was acutely aware of this news being a shock to Gary; this was just the beginning. “Gary, your grandparents have been invaluable in the last five years. The work has all been secret: to be honest we have been dealing with stuff that is above our heads. The truth is ever since your little brother was born we have been receiving a mass of data, first through your mum and dad. Since they went the data has continued to pass through Jess.” Gerald was surprised that Gary didn’t seem to stir. For him all the puzzles that had troubled him for years were coming clear at last.

Maybe you remember when Jess was small how he would scribble on everything all the time?” Gary remembered the insane crayon pen even food scribbles all over the house. He didn’t think much of it except the scribbles were pretty weird. “Anyway, we took pictures of all the scribbles and started to analyse them in the IDEA factories. This was a global exercise and extraordinary results that tied in exactly to the data that came through your mum and dad before they went.”

Gerald, don’t get me wrong here but you keep say that my mum went; that implies that what I have been told before about an accident is not completely accurate?” Gary kept his head he felt angry already at having been lied to, but he wanted to know the truth now.

I am so sorry: this situation was of national; no international priority. If any of what we have been working on became common knowledge there probably would have been a mass panic. In fact I have a feeling that this is just the beginning. We started to analyse the data: as you know our computer systems are all built on a binary language. This data we have now is multi-dimensional bit data if you like. It has been instructions, directing us to an event and helping us build an environment that will enable this to happen. We don’t know what it is yet that I can promise you. Gary your brother Jess is the key to a new age.”

Deep down Gary knew that this was a natural organic and an entropy, a natural progression. Why did he know; he had been a witness to so much that he had just not understood was anything but normal. His little brother had always been extraordinary; he wasn’t and had battled with that internally always trying to please his adopted father Tom. All of the work and discovery that was going on was so intense, that Tom hadn’t addressed his relationship with Jane’s son. This was not by any means intentional; I guess it’s just what had happened.

The day that your parent’s disappeared they managed to leave me one message; I realise now how important that was. Look after Jess, Gerald he is the key to all that is happening. I could not overtly take him into my care so I had to think of something that I could do to keep an eye on him. Then I had a master stroke, I gave him a parrot. Max is no ordinary parrot as you probably know. He has an inbuilt camera and audio sensory device and has been monitoring Max all the time he has been at home. We have kept surveillance equipment all over the house as well. OK we are going to land now!! Hold tight”

The helicopter landed cautiously it felt and the crew followed Gary and Gerald into the facility entrance.

January 7th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2015

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