Poem of the day — Rough and Rattling

Rough and rattling


Sky breathing, heaving reverberating sighs

Crashing whispers now shouting out cries

Clean out the dust from crusty windswept eyes

Recall the passing, one that dies

Fresh call for victory a change being the call

Playground mentality just picking on the small

Waiting in deference for the power to fall

Jumped up inquisitor lined up against the wall

Maintain a vision for happiness of all others

Break the sorrow, pull off the hiding covers

Reveal, inside the same that where love is

Share with all the desire, freedom for mothers

Wild wind blow away the fearful actions

Return to the cosmic, forget all the factions

Fight for reason, embrace peaceful sanctions

Live for the sake of life


The one

In front of you

January 10th 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015


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