Daily Poem — Liquorice Guitar

Liquorice guitar


Slim back racked racket a blank tank; scrupulous undercover ticket

Slide sherbet flavoured rim shot whiskers in harmony with plank drifters

Beat a tricked up flick finger to the ones who bark orders at trained dogs

Walk on the beach to eat stones and gather sand for rubbing into wounds

Clean the blanket scouring bleak winter withdrawal syndromes

Corked wine residue stains the oak finished coffee table

A shame it was left by the Aunty who slept in pyjamas

Beat a left basket flower shower, thrown by a passing market trader

Fellow citizens appalled by partly finished mix up with politicians and a lie detective

Chomp on chocolate, scrunch up the gifted praline

Belgium blend of cream and free fall cocoa extract

Teeth pulled on demand for smiling mobile paediatrician

Lively and bubbly white waved crash against a wall of attrition

Smell a tart clasp wince; chapel standing twister, beating away fire

Born to gain a whimper

Well been emptied



January 11th 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015


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