The ETERNAL DISTANCE – Ch 8 part 3 The Reunion

CHAPTER 8/part 3– The Reunion

Jess this is the moment I have been preparing you for.” As Jess looked about he could see the train carriage he was sort of in, but not, buckle and twist in slow motion; like a toy train being mashed to pieces and tumbling down. He realised that he was no longer with his body. He still had a sense of himself: he was used to this so maybe this time the voice was actually true.

Jess turned around there was a figure walking in the air towards him. He knew this man and then realised that it was a much older looking Tom, his old friend that he had met only a few hours before. Maybe he had come to help him. No words were spoken but Tom wrapped his arms around Jess’s sense of self and then he had that sensation of being sucked into a tunnel.

Yes indeed he had been prepared for this as he felt himself separate even further from any reality. Time no longer played a part in the situation. Was it possible to be timeless, to have no beginning and end. Jess did have the thought that he was dying and at the same time that this was not a new experience. Would he see his life rush before him; this is what he had read in magazines; countless stories of near death experiences and out of body recollections during hospitalisation.

The truth is that his life had been full of mystery that was so normal to him that he had not shared it with anyone; well maybe he had. Tom; how was he the voice. He had really been there all those years ago, surely. It wasn’t the same person: must be part of this huge delusion. Suddenly the motion type sensation stopped; he was hovering or his image of his self was floating in a beautiful golden globe full of gaseous gorgeous coloured life.


Jess, don’t be afraid darling, this is meant to be; it’s your mission to the change the destiny of this planet”. As Jess looked down on himself being carried away in a black bag, he recognised his mothers’ voice. He turned and saw her walking towards him. She wrapped her arms around him and it felt like they became one. He felt as if he was being sucked very rapidly down a tunnel. He knew this tunnel and had travelled through it always; at least that’s what he felt. Suddenly they stopped and were hovering in a golden globe. A beautiful multi faceted seemingly endless ball of creation. He felt that he was at home at last; for years his only true relationship had been with his parrot Max. Max understood Jess’s strange ramblings; his battering bizarre language; he knew that it couldn’t be standard talk and that was why his home-life was quite solitary, protected. Maybe now he was going to find out exactly why.

January 10th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2015

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