Poem of the Day — Dark pudding

Dark pudding


Clapped out decision making ability, digs down into troubled rhythms

Heart missing beats. Shaken to the core of revisiting relatives

Cause of extrapolating make shift shelter

To keep out the flies

Syrup sucking scavengers discussed the surface

Heavy, dough-like murder, sits heavy in the bowels of time

Dark night, sleepless nightmares, present reality contorted

Slick escape in time for questions

Soap star banter, consecutive scenes, addictive like sugar

A bliss of badly thought out magic tricks

To flex the mixed up muscles of strongbox service translator

Tarmac poured down boiling infested rat hole

Breed trumped up charges for media revenge

A typical headline

Are we behind

Following knee jerk reactions

Clapped out reporting

Made for dark minded nihilists



January 14th 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015


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