The ETERNAL DISTANCE — Ch8 part 4 The Facility

CHAPTER 8/part 4– The Facility

Gary was led into the facility. Above ground it looked like a run down, abandoned industrial estate. A few warehouses with broken windows and battered corrugated iron roofs bore testimony to the façade.

They went into one of the warehouses, at which point the floor in front of them slid quietly open to reveal a set of stairs. When Gary went down them he was overwhelmed by the environment. It was out of a George Lucas film; shiny and lots of glass windows. It was through one of these that he noticed his grandparents Greg and Marie. When he entered their space Marie rushed up to him and squeezed him hard and started to sob. Through her tears she simply said,” Oh Gary, I am so sorry.” Gary tried to fight off the impulse but barriers inside him broke like a dam with the finger pulled out. He was a sensitive flower at heart, even if he had wanted in his mind to be unshakeable and angry at the way he had been treated. Greg came over and joined them in the embrace. Gerald gently ushered them over to some seating in the corner of the space.

So here we are at last. If you don’t mind I just want to finish explaining to Gary what is happening.” Greg and Marie gestured to Gerald to continue, “Jess is clinically dead at the moment. As I explained Gary, we have been analysing data with the help of the IDEA Factory on a global scale. We have prepared for today following instructions that have been a direct result of this work. Shortly we will enter this space and witness a regeneration of Jess. This is our hope Gary, but we need to be prepared for the worst outcome. We have set up various monitoring systems around Jess’s body. His body is in a sealed cannister inside a sealed globe. We have created an anti gravity forcefield. This will be switched on when we enter the outside globe that is built concentric to the inner globe that Jess will then be floating in. Is that clear?” Gerald was in military mode now; Gary and his grandparents nodded in agreement.

There are atomic clocks and highly sensitive cameras built into the unit, this was not in the instructions incidentally: however science is science. OK, let’s go in now.”

The four of them went together; Gerald raised his hand and a wall opened from the middle of the wall like a camera lens. When they walked through it closed behind them. There were seats waiting for them. The seats had safety clamps, a bit like dodgem cars at a fairground. Gerald explained that they were in case of any turbulence during the procedure. As soon as they were in their seats the light changed and there was a sound a bit like an air conditioning unit being switched on. Suddenly Jess’s body was there in a clear cannister, hovering in front of them; in the middle of the globe that they were looking into.

There was a roar and the inside of the globe with Jess in, filled with orange and purple gasses. Marie grabbed Gary’s hand instinctively as they stared in amazement at the spectacle that was unfolding in front of them.

January 12th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2015

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