Poem of the day — Given Outcome

Given Outcome


Bin felled whisper, spun in oak dressed windows,

Ragged in a corn felled harvest

Messed in mug, dug in shovel, fuzzy in dreaming

Depict a fickle repossession of thoughts

Of time drenched in brittle toed twinkling star, blue black reflection

A loving collection of cards and memories of golden suns

Settings, new horizons to be broken

To be given heart rending songs

Of wishes and wants

Flocking birds nestling, restless, shuffling and shimmering the evening light

A breath born, new beginning

Fresh flow of spring growth

Tormenting, swimming in sodden earth’s marrow

The bones of passing, changing treasures

Life’s measured in depth not time

Lending sublime submission to vibration

A churning conflict thrust

In heart and mind; Chased from corners

Left to rest beside a petal crushed in jealous rage

Why does happiness evade

those who share all they have

What are those searches for

To browse internal senses

Flowers cast a trance like tender glance

Subtle intrusion

Derive inclusion

Inept response to a lasting question

How does the wind blow

Is it West on fallow ground
January 19 th 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015


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