Trees by Brighton Station
Trees by Brighton Station

CHAPTER 8/part 6– Emerging

Greg and Marie recognised the colours of these gasses immediately, due to their extensive research into cosmology over the years. The colours and formations were of galactic origin; where stars had been observed during their birth.

Gradually the scene changed, some figures appeared as the glorious gaseous entity formed a globe within the globe. Although human in shape it wasn’t possible to distinguish any features. There was a group of six at first, then some more appeared above the first six. They started to spin, one group in the opposite direction to the other. The spinning accelerated and at the same time the cannister spun ion its own axis. The noise grew into a roar and everything stared to shake. It was like a roller-coaster ride; then first on the left then on the right side of the globe two tiny pin pricks of intense light began to expand. These two star-like visions shot into the centre of the globe where the cannister was. Then the scene changed again, the figures, in a flash were gone and a new glorious landscape of colour filled the globe. Greg and Marie immediately recognised this as the quantum galaxy inside matter. The two bright lights merged in the centre. Everything slowed down and there was a flash followed by a deep long and resonant vibration as everything lit up like a camera flash.

Then the globe and the environment returned to how it had been before the gasses had appeared. All that could be heard was a heartbeat. It was the monitor with Jess’s cannister. A characteristic hospital monitor beep.. beep…beep…. rang out into the outer globe. The four spectators unclasped their seats and applauded, sobbed and embraced each other.

Gerald led the way out of the globe, back into the glass covered room and pressed a button on his desk that had a monitor built into it. “So what did we get?” A slightly mechanical voice replied, “A surge of energy and a bright flash”, “AND..?” Gerald slightly alarmed said, “According to all monitors you went into the outer globe together, you sat in your seats there was a bright flash and you came out.” That’s why there was no point in monitoring the event Gerald though to himself. He didn’t discuss this with the others and came to realise that at this stage it was for the best. Best only report the empirical evidence after all that was all people would believe anyway.

Gary, Greg and Marie had witnessed in apparently no time at all, the return of Jess from being clinically dead. Greg and Marie were quite used to being constrained in sharing anything but hard evidence. Gary was more concerned about his step brother and also still was hoping that this event where he had experienced a moment possessing past, present and future would be the key to understanding his mother and Tom Russell’s part in all of this.

January 19th

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2015

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