Poem of the Day — Best Mention

Best Mention


Tick tock the breaking throng cruises

To show a panorama shooting spree

Crippled images of time, age and meaning

Spraying dreams in silver thread repetition

Tastefully smothered in wood smoked fish skin

A sign of sinful kitchen, a wasteland in European diction

A wild gesture to ward of the attackers

Day snake shedding tradition

A skin to slip on like a banana vacation

Ripped from telephone box coffee machine

Wires to charge the mobile heater

A gas flame imitation to attract the punters

Like being at home on a roast spit fire

Queasy feeling after swift walk in cold weather

Gasp a glass of milk to settle the shaking sisters

Both the seamstress and the dresser dine out of the window

A sky lark

A bluebird flies away in crinkled carton


Treat yourself to a new tightrope


January 22nd 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015


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