Poem of the Day — Choked Whisper

Choked Whisper

Tear up the map read contours

The surface is far from even

A bumpy attitude

A free ride in bottle neck

Cross town tipper, lands purple salt container

Wire encased cannister awash with blood run money

Shovelled into chute jammed up with tissues

Wiped clean in a sense of justice

Sour tasting bitter sweet tonic

A grim reapers slither

Bring it on for the crazed clapping clown

A red nosed mystic

Laughing through chopsticks

Buried in endowment claim

Disgust at the poor relation

Ranked outsider

A bingo caller

Crisp note teller

Driven away in a curse

A box of craftsmen


January 27th 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015

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