Poem of the Day — Scrapped Apple

Scrapped Apple

Tourniquet tripped star sparkling

Dripping renegade tears of warning

Scary teachers burn book binders

To cook ripping hearts

Red eyes turn into dripping glue

Sticking stamps to parcels of pain

Weighed in surplus treasure store

A born to be free turnstile inspector

Looking for ears of corn to crush the gaps

To fill the returning baskets of wishes

Scaling heights of nonsense

A piercing arrow slits chair tricked disaster

A master of deceit

Broken hearted pleasures to near to mention

A growing apprehension

Needless illusions to coerce a balance

Crisp fired calibration

My greed ridden prospects

A full and fancied market trading swindler

Full of charm and eyebrows

Looking to overthrow my comfort

A blissful but bleak resistance

No fall guy reflection in window

Trapped in a harsh reality

Play down the murky emotions

React to create opportunity for freedom

Arranged for the sake of a diamond

No hearts desire consulted

Protection has bolted

Terror of reality jolted

Express my feelings, not likely

Shocked by actions halted

Scared in underground bunker

Outcome disgusting

Food for the monsters coming

Driven by corpse gathered carts

Spread in value less boxes

Chisel gaps wrenched and torn by artists

Sculpted fortunes burnt on times fire

Suspended in misery with barbed wire





February 16th 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015

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