Poem for Yesterday — Plunder Trumpet

Scary moment thought my wifi had died. So this is yesterdays poem

Plunder Trumpet

Backstreet paper shredder packing boxes of memories

With retail masterpiece

A genuine particle, universal space station

Meant for restful medium

Not happy to reconstruct dimension

A corner piece missing, perspective hidden

Dry meat taster to wet the nose

Drawn from dusty pocket in chilled wind grassland

Praiseworthy effort determining eventual outcome

A serious practitioner tested by their loved ones

Experience hardship to feel the ship is growing bright

A flash from the father light to avoid ragged rocks on shoreline

A club for the youngsters, full of downbeat pusher low life

Intent on profiteering, content in mind blown resistance

Truck loads of insults stored up for the right time

When events unfold, the attack is likely

Fall prince

Devil knows egg

Sleep until dawn

Drift upwards

February 18th 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015

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