Daily Poem — Chimed Distance

Chimed distance

Bell ringing, creeping crushing teeth chattering

Winking stars, moon waning in purple clothing

Pale pink and rose streams of light embellish the heart

Love trembling behind the eyes of sorrow

Tomorrow open to following feelings

Growing intention to tired to mention

Bellowed and howling pirouette spinning

A jocular chorus ringing

Singing songs of passion

Slight and slender a warm caress evolving

Quiet whispers crinkle up patience, try the bravest

Haven split in two, demented deranged

Stone set quest

Pressed not served

Just requested

February 23rd 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015

One Reply to “Daily Poem — Chimed Distance”

  1. I like this because the way the piece starts, I receive a dark, creepy vibe from it (‘Bell ringing, creeping crushing teeth chattering’). Then, lines like ‘A jocular chorus ringing/Singing songs of passion/Slight and slender a warm caress evolving’ make me feel more of a sense of warmth and intimacy. Good stuff!

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