Poem of the Day — Sheep Tale

Sheep Tale

Triple trouble, at the feet of man

Sand between toes, who knows

A bled animal sacked juvenile

Fills the trunk with water tight flagons

A wash with pristine repertoire

A reset blank expression

Jury in session, a season for panto mime

Belly full of head

A tail pinned on for tender hooks

Bristles, rustle majestically

Flower winning treats and apprenticeships

Stained in intention, a false delight

Poorly aching crippling cramps

All and sundry exitting, swiftly

Eternal question posed

Dead or alive who knows

Beaten up singer throws

Their voice to another

Propose to a lover

Gasping for air

The intrusion is finished

Fleeced in business

End is finished

March 3rd 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015

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