Poem of the Day — Tired Lamplight

Tired Lamplight

Blocked merchant seals delivery

Of misty grey cloth at a tangent of reality

Creatively missing tricks, sick of trying

Compulsive buying to satisfy the gluttony

A piled on responsibility that is tipping the proffered option

Pales insignificant

To the waste in the restaurant, when people order too much

A crutch to support them

In significant low self esteem

Covered in custard and cream

Eat down the emotive muscles

The ones near the pelvis

That shakes involuntarily in standing

The shivers from fear is quaking

A bathroom scale madness

Tipping the water from the bath through the ceiling

Over the top of sanity


Hang it out to dry

In evening suit glory

March 6th 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015

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