Poem of the Day –Hot Towel

Hot Towel

Chapped lips quivering, shaped by crusts growing slowly

Day after day sinking below;

Stowed away feeling grasping rocks and barnacles

Sucking out goodness and leaving a residual.

A poster of particular, disgust at the muck on the mirror.

Of the self denial entrapped in sorrow

Beg and borrow, tricks of beauty and light to seep into gravity.

Pulled towards the inevitable, the growing tragedy

Of crumbling confidence in humanity.

Its all around us, the bellowing sanctity of destiny.

Then stride out because change can happen

A small change in direction

A new angle an inflection

Twist on your heels and go for a new experience

A cut, a hot towel and a gentle reminder

That life is what you decide to respond to

Your thoughts are not necessarily reality

Just an indication to your sanity

March 10th 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015

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