Poem of the Day — Pig Penthouse

Pig Penthouse

Scraps of menace, chosen residue

Plucked from the heavens, off the bone, no fat, lean to the other side

Ride a mixed media eventful leader

A light of languid serendipity

Feather light enough to carry a bag

A loose loaded shopping trolley, with wheels locked, no change for the meter

Crushed loaves cover up the mess on the floor

No more a genuine disgust than a dialogue with your own devil

The one that is jealous of big ones

Cars leaning to the bus like parking trench coat dinners

Forking out fortunes for meaningless wine collections

To be guzzled in a public relations nightgown

With sequins and see through breast plates

A meal for the feasting eyes as they gorge on plenty

A century of growing pains

More war and drone on conversations

A new parliament of disaffected mugged ammunition

Jump from the end of a short pier

Common to be a lord

March 10th 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015

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