Poem of the Day — Poppies


Rage rises in my torn up heart

Red, green and black middling dreams

Emotions within me like a raging tempest

Seemingly flowing thoughts and meaning

Buttonhole silence remember the reason

Tears well up in my red sore eyes

Afghan, Trident differences in dimension

Extension of human rights

Injustice burning in my heart

Take flight from a fashionable position

Extradition of partly driven extremes

Pamphlets given by past practised theoreticians

In a position to suck the sap

Tap into drawing and abusing the dancing

Just surf on dying embers

A shovel to pat down my ashes

A drill to shatter graves like dentures

A chain saw to whistle and whine

I tremble with horror as fine trees are felled and severed

A forest of humanity

Depravity the inevitable outcome

Join in the balling of tears

Tender fears of failing

In duty still parading

Thoughts of given choices

I hear the noises like camels

Grunting in desert meadows

A glassy eyed reflection

How deep is the source

For life to run its course

I cry for tomorrow

March 23rd 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015

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