Poem of the Day – – Frustration – Person

RE WORK FROM 2014 trying to anchor some of my earlier pieces

Frustration – Person

I creep from under the covers and gorge on plenty; mind alive

Fist fender blast, fuzz box bits of brain smelling agents

Scantily disguised telephone conversations, whizz into my person

With girls that aren’t there for you, just left out to dry, too normal and ugly to be delighted,

I am blighted with indigestion and clogged up,

Unable to abuse, to wrinkled for all; no ticket to the ball

Scrubbing the floor with no glass slipper.

It’s my reasonable assumption that lonely apprehension is immersed in depression and self absorbtion.

Cross the words with the understanding, a purple trance lamination, oblivious to the machinations

Fruit picking, speeding, blue-pilled imagination.

I have sensations heightened, life’s living for a moment, then hell of isolation, broken penetration, dull realisation, emotional degeneration.

Waiting for call to cosmic, the start of a beginning, plastic circus manipulation.

Grow old whilst waiting, disappointed then tainted.

Drains up on perception; just green, still never learning

Yearning for excitation

Just stirred up by self inoculation

Locked in lust joined in fast winter round tree branches; street lamp delighted.

Shining graveyard life lost

Digging holes for a self preserved prison

Chomping the chocolate to burst the energy with special brewed cans of sleepless nights

Feeling homeless, hapless but free of cramped style, living a minute by a mile; pressing lead stolen to cap the bottle of a truly dangerous potion

Black smothered pot smoking pipes dripping as I pull into breathing

Anal nitrate fizzing capsules injected by nightly dreamt free party animals

My peer group gentry

Squeeze a lemon on tequila entry

Spark the salt lick on arrival



Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 2015 Mar 27th

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